Granophyre + Obsidian DI Profile Pack

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OMEGA AMP-WORKS DI Profiles.  Different from the standard Profile packs, 
these were created without the use of a speaker cabinet. We created our 
own method for creating the profile, that allowed us to capture the most 
accurate representation of our amplifiers. From the low end punch, to 
the rich harmonic mid-range, and the airy top end, it is all there.  
Simply disabling the "cab" portion of a standard profile does not allow 
you to hear a true representation of what the profiled amplifier sounds 
like.  The Kemper uses an algorithm and frequency compensation to 
determine what it thinks the amp sounds like without the speaker.  As 
every speaker strongly colors the sound, this can never be accurate. Our 
method removes the cab all together when creating the profile, and we 
run the Kemper through a highly transparent DI box (and other special 
equipment), then use our own special recipe of EQ'ing for the best 
accuracy and feel.  Sounds easy, but is time consuming and requires the 
proper equipment (and ear).

The DI pack serves three main purposes for the Kemper user:
-As the perfect platform for Powered Kemper users to run through a 
traditional guitar cab.  With no cab simulation, this will provide a 
more realistic experience.
-The best platform for creating your own merged profiles.  This means 
you can take any speaker cab from other profiles and attach it to these. 
(Our standard Profile Packs are NOT merged profiles)
-Perfect for recording when you want to use an external IR loader or 
Plugin.  You can use your favorite Speaker Cab Impulse for even more 
versatility and further development of your tone.

*Please note that a tube amplifier acts as a constantly changing 
organism in relation with your hands (playing style) and the push pull 
relationship between the power section and the speaker cabinet.  It has 
levels of harmonics, details, and areas of compression based on playing 
style, that cannot be accurately represented by a digital modeller.  We 
consider these DI Profiles to be accurate, but will never be a true 
replacement for the analog wonders of the real thing.

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