As COVID* is still creating havoc** (not the good kind) around the world***, it is also still creating issues with supply chains**** and sourcing components.  Because of this, lead times are extended***** on all products.  We are doing our best to catch up with orders and get them out as fast****** as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact us*******. 



    *COVID SUCKS********
    **OMEGA AMPWORKS is not affiliated with the band HAVOC (though they are pretty dope).
    ***OMEGA AMPWORKS does NOT believe the earth is flat. Nor does it believe its round. It is OUR belief that the world is shaped like a ninja turtles head. 
    ****OMEGA AMPWORKS believes in being dope.
    *****OMEGA AMPWORKS employees are all free of ED but know that some people need assistance. 
    ******OMEGA AMPWORKS is aiming for fast, how fast? Speedy Gonzales fast. THAT FAST
    *******OMEGA AMPWORKS welcomes all questions
    ********Make sure you are symptom free