Obsidian 2.5 Channel 100W Guitar Amplifier

    Clean Channel: As with most high gain amplifiers, the clean channel(s) can often be overlooked & underwhelming. Simply recreating a "vintage clean" circuit within a design does not mean that tone will be recreated. We tuned the sound by ear to achieve a luscious, full, and detailed sound with incredible headroom and tonal versatility. Low gain levels provide plenty of sparkle and spank with a balanced low-mid ratio. Increasing the drive introduces a slight bit of compression with increased bass response. Increasing the drive further introduces a slight breakup that works well will blues and southern rock. This versatility also lends well to adding compression, clean-boost, overdrive, and even distortion to the front end for all you pedal junkies.

    Crunch: Although the Crunch and Lead channels share the same EQ Controls (hence the 2.5 channel moniker), this channel does not share the same gain stages and initial voicing as the Lead, giving us more flexibility to dial in the tone and response. Round yet tight lows, a thick cutting mid-range, and touch sensitive highs give you anything from a southern blues pushed tone, to classic rock, to early metal. With the correct EQ settings, you can even come close to the fabled "Brown Sound". Simply adding a boost on this channel pushes it further into metal territory without getting over compressed and overly saturated.

    Lead: Designed to be very musical, this highly harmonic channel adds awesome dimension to your high gain sound. Touch sensitive dynamics, just the right amount of compression & saturation, and incredible note separation deliver a wall of sound that can be easily manipulated by right hand technique. Lows are tight, the mid-range is layered with a rich growl, and the highs are detailed without excess fizz. The SHIFT switch changes the way the Phase Inverter is pushed. In the "down" setting, the lows are a bit more full, and the highs are smoother. In the "up" setting, the lows are a bit tighter and the highs are a bit more touch sensitive. This switch is very subtle and has a lot to do with feel and the fine tuning of your sound. The VOICE switch changes the mid-range focus for more cut and clarity in the upper registers in the "up" position, and more low mid character in the "down" position. The GAIN control is highly receptive to playing styles, keeping this amp balanced and capable for all genres.

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