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    2X12 Guitar Cabinet

    2X12 Guitar Cabinet

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    Void of the boxy and "boomy" nature associated with most 2x12's, this cab delivers accuracy and clarity in a much wider frequency response. Tight lows, thick mid-range, and clear highs, all delivered with awesome touch response. As the basis for a compact rig, it delivers in any situation from small to large. Need more volume but don't want to lose the portability? Stack two of them, or run one per side of the stage for an awesome stereo rig. Incredible balance allows for use in any genre. Loaded with our OEM speakers, the VM12-65.


    All the benefits and tonal attributes of the horizontal 2x12, but in a vertical format to bring the volume closer to the players ear. Projection and dispersion allow this design to push sound to the front of the stage with authority. Capable of taking on most 4x12's, this cab is incredible on its own, and downright massive in pairs. Loaded with our OEM speakers, the VM12-65.

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    -Top Grade 15mm Baltic Birch

    -Double Blind finger joint construction for the highest level of durability

    -USA made vinyl Tolex

    -Premium grade Eco-Friendly water based tolex adhesive 

    -USA made acoustically engineered grill cloth

    -USA made aluminum grill frame accents

    -USA made aluminum laser etched emblem

    -Puretone 1/4 Input Jack

    -Premium oxygen free 99% pure 14awg copper wiring with premium connecters.

    -High silver content lead free solder

    -Penn Elcom heavy duty rubber feet, input jack dish, handles and corners.

    -Black stainless steel machine screws and stainless steel washers

    *We use insert nuts/T-nuts and machine screws for the most secure fitment and serviceability without the worry of stripping the wood. (Cab corner screws are not machine screws)

    -Choice of speakers:

         USA made VM12-65 or DV-77 speakers manufactured by Eminence

         Celestion V30 or UK made Creamback H75

    How to use

    -Verify that the impedance load rating on your amplifier matches the impedance rating on the speaker enclosure (Impedance rating is listed on the rear input jack).  Failure to do so can result in damage to the amplifier. (OMEGA AMPWORKS is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use)

    -Do not exceed the wattage rating of the speaker enclosure (Wattage rating is listed on the rear input jack)  Failure to do so can result in damage to the speakers. (OMEGA AMPWORKS is not responsible to any damage caused by improper use).

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