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    Obsidian KT66 Profile Pack

    Obsidian KT66 Profile Pack

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    Introducing the new OMEGA AMPWORKS OBSIDIAN KT66 Profile Pack. Included in this pack are 9 new profiles, 9 new IR's, individually tailored FX, and full descriptions of each profile. Best of all, you can deactivate the cab in each profile and have a true DI signal for running your own IR or going straight to a cab (The profiles and IR's are created separately so you won't rely on the Kemper algorithm to use a compensated EQ to remove the cabs. This provides the most accurate representation and overall quality).  Want to further create your tones?  You can swap any of the cabs with any of the amp profiles.  Click "Contents" button below for all the profile information!


    Click HERE to learn more about the profiles

    How to use

    Follow the 5 STEPS to get to the bottom of the import process of your kemper sounds!

    1st STEP – Take a USB pen (even better if new), and insert it into the USB socket of the kemper.
    The kemper will automatically create 3 folders inside your USB.

    2nd STEP – Remove the USB stick from the kemper and insert it into your PC.
    Inside you will find the 3 folders created by Kemper (called: OS UPDATES – BACKUPS – SHARED)

    3rd STEP – Once you have your sounds (kemper rig) on ​​your pc (with the .kipr extension) you can take these files and copy them into the SHARED folder.


    4th STEP – Once this is done, disconnect the USB from the PC and insert it back into the kemper.

    5th STEP – Now the writing USB STICK will appear on the kemper.

    After clicking on USB STICK, you will have to press the IMPORT / EXPORT button and then IMPORT again.
    From that moment on, Kemper will automatically start importing the sounds that you have previously loaded into the SHARED folder. It will do it all by itself at this point.

    Wait for the loading and then you will find in the BROWSE section of the kemper (i.e. the library) all the sounds you have loaded (in addition to those that are already present in the kemper of course)

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