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    Granophyre Single Channel 100 Watt All Tube Amplifier

    Granophyre Single Channel 100 Watt All Tube Amplifier

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    The Granophyre amplifier was born from an idea of simplicity, ultimate reliability, and the purest tone. We used the already capable LEAD channel from the OBSIDIAN amplifier as a starting point, and altered the layout and design to deliver a unique, yet familiar tonal experience. While the preamp does share some similarities, this is a very different amplifier to the OBSIDIAN. Starting with an American voicing, we included design elements of classic British & European amplifiers to deliver something truly exceptional. This single channel design offers incredible versatility, handling dirty blues to technical death metal, to total sludge. Awesome touch sensitivity, incredible note recovery, and thick harmonic content make this amp a joy to play. Just the right amount of saturation, just the right balance in the EQ, and massive amounts of volume and tone to be had at nearly any volume. Fast tracking with incredible recovery from every pick stroke, this amp has the speed to keep up with ANY player. Very right hand dependant, it is easy to manipulate with different playing styles. VERSATILITY IN DESIGN.

    Low Gain Setting: While still offering a good amount of gain, the amp in this setting will respond a bit softer. The texture is thicker, the highs are a bit softer, and the lows are much more round and full. Strats and single coils are fat but responsive, with just the right amount of compression and punch. With humbuckers, you will get a more classic tone, especially with the mids pushed. Fans of heavy blues from the New Orleans area will love this setting with the gain cranked. If you enjoy using OD/boost pedals, we recommend trying them with this setting. It will keep all the lows (but tighten them up) not over compress the signal and give more clarity with string/chord progressions.

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    -USA made aluminum chassis

    -USA made premium over spec’d transformers (M6 steel, classic paper layer wound)

    -Military grade PCB construction with heavy copper traces

    -Premium CTS pots

    -Premium Beldan tube sockets

    -A combination of premium USA, German and Japanese made capacitors.

    -Premium low tolerance (1-5%) resistors

    -Premium grade wiring throughout

    -Premium switches

    -Premium Omron relays

    -Lead Free solder 

    -All leads are soldered for ultimate durability and reliability (no ribbon cables or quick disconnects)

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