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    Obsidian KT66 Quad Cortex Captures

    Obsidian KT66 Quad Cortex Captures

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    Introducing our first pack of amplifier captures for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex. 

    Since its inception 6 years ago, the Obsidian has had a strong tie to the KT66 power tubes.  With the first use being in Mick Thomson's live/studio rig, the pairing quickly gained traction and became one of the most requested options.  Delivering high headroom, and slightly more scooped 6L6 character, and a strong low end punch with airy highs, you will hear why they are so highly requested.

    This pack features tones from clean to ultra modern high gain, with everything in between.  All presets have carefully chosen FX added to increase the dimension and playing experience. 

    -MOMENTO:  This luscious clean patch favors the middle or neck pickup.  Added drives, compressor, and other FX bring you into a realm of expressions dictated by your playing techniques.  Dive in and create some memories with this patch

    -CRUNCHY TACO:  This patch takes off where "Momento" leaves off, this patch is a Single Coils best friend.  Using the Crunch channel with the gain set low, it delivers awesome touch response and a beautiful harmonic complexity.  Added drives and compressor bring in the sustain for no nonsense note bending and all your favorite bluesy lead tones. 

    -CRUNCHY TACO SUPREME:  Taking the basis of "Crunchy Taco" but really adding in that Fire Sauce, this gets all up in the heavy blues territory.  Indie Rock your thing?  Yeah, you need to try this one.  Compressor, OD, fuzz, flanger,'s all here for the party.

    -THE ASTRONAUT:  This patch is based on a favorite guitar player of ours who's unique guitar style is a crucial "tool" to the sound of the band.  While our patch may be tighter, and slightly less bright and fuzzy than his studio tones, it delivers a similar experience.  This patch loves an expressive heavy right hand technique through tunings E to Drop D.  Even better with a 24.75" scale guitar.

    -CASTLEVANIA:  Like getting creepy and heavy?  Yeah, you will like this one.  

    -TAKE OUT THE THRASH:  High gain 80's-90's mayhem!!  Grab your whammy and start slamming on this tight and saturated patch.  Want to hear something really killer? blend this patch in a mix with one of the more modern high gain patches for some killer dimension.

    -MT7 LIVE:  Mick Thomson of Slipknot's live settings since 2018, this patch is super thick, heavy and full of anger.  With some carefully dialed in OD's/Fuzz pedals, this patch can deliver majority of Mick's live tones and then some.  Try this patch along side a high gain British tone for that Slipknot signature sound.  

    -CALI STYLE:  Taking inspiration from ultra heavy tones made famous using the amp with the treadplate front, this patch brings ultra heavy tones with a huge punchy low end.  Just a boost.  Nothing else is needed.

    -BANE:  Just like the DC character, this patch is dark, heavy and ominous.  

    -MODERN MARVEL: Modern high gain delivering the trademark sound of OMEGA.  This patch can be tailored to work for nearly any style of heavy music.  Just the right boost, just the right EQ, and just the right cut.

    All captures feature a matching speaker cabinet IR (named to go along with each preset).  While they were tailored for each tone, you can have fun mixing and matching like your are ordering from the dollar menu.  Full info in the download instructions.

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